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My journey began at the age of 8 after winning a free photoshoot from a local salon and agency photographer. From that first shoot on, my passion for modeling and photography grew wildly. I continued to model off and on in later years doing mostly promotional work, fashion and car modeling. After a 5 year break, I am now back to modeling and loving it once again! During my time off, I focused on family as well as starting my photography business. Currently I am a promotional model for Harley Davidson, Indian Motorcycles and Ride now Powersports. I am also building a reputation as a brand ambassador for clothing companies locally and nationally. Today I am continuing to build my modeling portfolio and photography portfolio, among other media ventures. 

I started photography in November of 2013 after purchasing my first camera off Craigslist for $300. Never could I have imagined that shooting would lead me to such amazing places. I am beyond humbled and am abundantly grateful for everyone that has given me the opportunity to work with them! Currently, I am a Photojournalist with experience in shooting red carpet, concerts and events such as Phoenix Fashion Week, Barrett Jackson and Super Bowl XLIX. I've enjoyed shooting corporate events and also working with companies in rebranding their image. I am an agency preferred photographer working with actors and models in building their professional portfolios. In October 2015, I was honored to be selected as a Featured Gallery Artist for the Herberger Theatre Candid Exhibit, and also in March of 2014, as a featured artist for RawArtists Mosaic Gallery. In 2016 I became a contributing photographer to Car Street Journal and Classiccars.com; enabling me to expand my work through different media sources. In the future, I look forward to continuing my education and building a solid reputation as a Commercial Fashion Photographer and Photojournalist. 




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